Dispositional Security Survey Information

If you decide to participate in the online survey it will be greatly appreciated. The survey has been created by Jason Quinn, a PhD research student enrolled in Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) in collaboration with, and under the guidance of Dr Matt Bowden of TU Dublin. It is part of a larger research project seeking to explore the changing nature of security and the effects this is having on the private individual.

The survey is designed to capture as broad and diverse range of opinions as possible pertaining to security and as such is divided into two sections. The first section will seek to explore the attitudes and dispositions of respondents towards security. This is to determine if it is possible to attain a feeling of safety and if so what goods and/or services constitute and contribute to this feeling.The second section will focus on capturing biographical information such as socio-economic background, education level and geographical location.If security is not a concern or you do not utilise security goods or services your participation is also encouraged as it will allow us to create an in-depth picture of the field we are investigating.

Before deciding to participate, please take some time to familiarise yourself with the following guidelines as they will inform you of our data storage practices and could help assuage any privacy concerns you may have.

• The survey will take between 8-12 minutes to complete

• All data from the survey will be collected using Survey Monkey, which is a secure, password-protected web platform. It will then be downloaded and stored in line with good data management practice

• No personal details (including IP addresses) will be collected by the research team at any point, meaning the answers you provided cannot be traced back to you

• Your responses are confidential and will only be reported in aggregate form and in a manner which protects your anonymity

• Participation is completely voluntary and you can refuse to answer specific questions. You may stop answering questions at any time.