Volunteers Needed

I need your help with the next phase of the project, If you are interested in personal security (or even if you are not) and would be willing to be interviewed for the next phase of this project, please enter your details in the contact section on the home page or get in touch by email and I will reply as soon as possible.

At the outset of every interview, the interviewee will be asked several questions that are designed to capture basic biographical, educational, and occupational data. Similarly to the survey, this process should allow for the identification of differences in dispositions towards security as a result of differing life experiences. During the interviews every effort will be made to identify and explore the attitudes, feelings and meanings private actors attach to security and security goods, the same applies for those who do no possess or use security goods and/or services your opinion is equally as valid and needed. The ultimate goal of this approach is to gain rich, descriptive information about the subject under examination which will be used to maximise and provide depth to the final results. The harvested information will be anonymised in order to protect the identity of interviewees, furthermore, consent can be withdrawn at any time without reservation.